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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I want it and I want it NOW!

The other day I was having dinner with a friend, who confessed that sometimes when his order (in this case drink) takes longer than 5 minutes to arrive, he gets restless. He happily blamed it on the “nowism” triggered by the Internet while I hastily googled the AAA’s contact details.

Needless to say, “nowism” stuck in my head. There was an evermore-ism period too - the need for everything being satisfied in numerous novel ways, with (wait for it) the online world showing the way forward. Then we wanted everything possible. The biggest search database, the biggest discount site for everything, the biggest blogroll, the biggest features on Facebook. And we got it. Now what?

It seems like the crowd has slowly started chanting another wish – hear closely - that is (right) now/current/real-time. You’ll see “real-time” and “instantly” making an increasing appearance in articles. We want it now. Instant gratification. The digital equivalent of Freud’s Ego.

'Coz in the rapidly expanding online world, instant gratification is even easier to obtain: 'digital' has become synonymous with 'instant'. Furthermore, if something digital/online is too slow, the alternative is just a click away - as opposed to walking out and finding another restaurant, my dinner friend reasoned.

Everything digital – twitter, real-time news, online shopping etc are encouraging this relentless pursuit of instant information, communications, pleasure, if not indulgences. En passant reducing the ‘now’ to mere seconds, if not micro-seconds.

Not search though.

Most online searches still end with the blue links. Almost like handing the baton over to you…as if it were your duty to continue search in real(human)time. That just takes hours. Right?!

Yolink reacts to search needs in microseconds and with an everism – finding and highlighting every required detail in instantly gratifying previews for the right information NOW. No more patient research. We don’t lead you to treasure island, throw you a shovel and say dig. We actually bring you to treasure and give you a bag (read google docs) to save it, email and social media to share it instantly and anything else you could possibly want in real time.

I remember watching as my friend’s order got bungled by the amateur waiter and took 10 minutes to arrive. My friend mumbling – God, I need patience, and I need it now.
sounded oddly prophetic. Cheers to that.