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Friday, June 11, 2010

Click, Click. Bang, bang.

Any of you out there who were grad assistants? I recall when I was a research assistant and had the inglorious task of grading papers that were turned in. In one word – purgatory. Quite mirroring my experience with search engines when it comes to detailed search.

The search industry is more about misses than perfect hits when it comes to detailed searches. Have you ever looked at those blue links? Google and its Goslings. (pun unintended) Line-after-line of heart-burn inducing blue links… not created equal. Should I explain how that worked out? Nope, you know the drill, keep clicking until you strike gold.

And it’s a problem that growing more and more visible. Google’s change of layout in over 8-10 (?) years is a sure-fire sign. And this sudden gold rush can be seen with each claiming to have the best search tools. I am hoping that the tools are not another take on Letterman’s Q&A session. Sorry, but it ain’t making me feel lucky.
I do love some of them – aardvark, duckduckgo and yolink among others. Aardvark treats all questions equally, subjecting to our vast common sense. Yolink treats all blue links equally, subjecting them to contextual scans and bringing back the best paragraphs for you. Comprende?

Both give you answers on a platter. Coz unlike a buffet of only blue links to dig into, this is way more fun.

Search is to be developed to make it available as a service rather than a work. Caffeine or no caffeine.

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