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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How did i get here O'search engine?

I recently came across a very interesting article in MediaPost by Laurie Sullivan titled – “Did you mean this when you searched for that?” Yes. I have searched for this and ended up with that/them/there and everything else under the sun.

And I realized that searching like realty is all about ‘location, location, location’. If the results are located in the top two search pages, the chances are that everyone will open every little result. But that was before yolink.

Let me explain. Like so many of my predecessors who relocated from East Coast to the West Coast, I stepped out of SJO expecting loads of sunshine, mad traffic and little time searching for that Home Sweet Home. The only thing that I scored on was ‘little time searching’ and ‘traffic.’

Yes, ‘little time searching’ actually scored over sunshine. Because I yolink’d it. Like most movers, I searched apartments.com, craigslist.com, roommates.com etc. And was simply bombarded with gazillions of townhouses, apartments, condos, houses, haunted houses and even a trailer. So I took cover with yolink.

Using the terms ‘pool, gated parking, café, safe, Santana row’, I did a yolink search. Instantly the craigslist results dropped from 45 to 12. The ones I liked based on previews that yolink offered, I proceeded save them online. I created a google doc called ‘SJ apartment’ and sent it to my WC friends to get their opinion on the locations. I got some great advice and within 5 days I had seen and signed the dotted line. Peace ensued in the search zone.

Can you think of a metaphor for yolink? I’d liken yolink to a GPS for search. You can enter your key-terms and it’ll show you where those results are, giving details such as area (content) and proximity, in which the keywords appear. So instead of driving around, you can get to the right place at the right time. For me it was home.
Talking about GPS reminds me I got to start yolink-ing for a car. Until next time, seek and yolink shall find. No more searching for this and ending up with that. (www.yolink.com)

Bonus: Tips on moving to san jose:
Best areas: Cupertino, Santana Row, Mountain View, Castro Street (food), Willow Glen, Sunnyvale, Las Gatos.
Avoid: SJ North, parts of Campbell, Milipitas. Burbank.

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