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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Secrets to finding the right car.

Buying the right car for the right price is as scary as finding an address without a GPS. You need loads of knowledge, and if you’re like me, a Bridget Jones stuck in a Tokyo Drift storyline, yolink is the best route out of ignorance. Plus lots of that 2nd opinion, never hurts.

I ventured into searching online for cars, a little after I got to San Jose. And instantly there were way too many distractions – that hot Red Mini Cooper, the swaggering Mustang, the cute BMW or the fast-n-furious Mazda. I was hooked.

My car experts thought I needed to check my cost blind spot. So I did. When you yolink and get a look at the cost estimate for maintenance of those pretty things, you’ll literally hit the brakes and take a u-turn. So, now I got a whole NEW list of cars that are low maintenance, yet sauvé, durable and ready for a mean little driver.Honda, Toyota, Corollas suddenly kicked butt. But here are the questions I asked myself when it came down to the dirt road.

The Big Q: Did I want to lease it or buy it?
More tips

• Manual or automatic transmission?
• Do you really need four-wheel drive? Or all-wheel drive?
• What safety features do you want?
• Two-door or four-door?
• Do you have a bad back and need flexible seating positions?
• Will the car easily fit in your garage or parking space? Will it fit 5 people?

Done answering. Now search was flat, straight road again, or so I thought. Craigslist.com and Cars.com were recommended sites. So I get there, include the details - what kind of car, which year, which make. And hit search. Whooops! Didn’t see 20 pages of cars coming straight at me. So here is the secret ‘N’ (Nitrous) code to rev up search. I included my wish list – power locks, four-door, civic and black (a little indulgence never hurt). Then hit yolink.

Amazing ‘find’ acceleration and I zoomed past results to narrow down to 32 cars in 40 mins from 20 pages.Do the math. Thirty-two cars that fit exactly what I wanted.

Now for that very important 2nd opinion. So instead of the CCP(cut,copy,paste) to dump information onto a word document, I one-clicked it and saved the data on google docs. Then sent it directly to my friends for their expert opinion. Let’s see what they approve. Then we start to test-drive.

Until later, don’t forget those seat belts.
And keep yolink-ing
. And if you guys have any recommendations for a good car, leave a comment.


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