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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can we make search Green?

Recently Mama Nature has been creating havoc. Looking at the situation at hand, I did some yolinking and realized that in the matter of 2 months, we had 3 earthquakes over 7.0 on the Richter Scale, couple of freeloading tsunamis, one big Euro storm and as of right now, freak land-slides that wiped out four entire villages in Uganda. Yes four entire communities – the old, young and the smart. Gone. Someone please call Al gore and find out who the hell slipped up.

Not to mention the snow storms battering our east-coastians. Are we misreading the little signs? Maybe the real and the digital worlds are not that far apart. Earth, like search engines, is a big body of information. But weeding out the wrong information, and to get to what we are looking for isn’t simple.

In case of search engines, Yolink usually scans and highlights all the search keywords within the neighborhood of a paragraph. Then presents it as a preview to us. EX: You could choose – ‘Scan –links’ and ‘find – earthquakes history global warming freak weather’. I would throw in ‘Al Gore’ as a search keyword for good measure and see what results I get.

And I get to the right information from links scanned in a matter of minutes. We got digital covered. But M.Nature has the information links embedded in that large body we call ‘world’. Searching those is not easy.

We have got to start paying attention. What are you doing in your bit for the world? I, for one, use yolink’s online 'save and share'. Meaning, I utilize Google Docs and Evernote integrations to save my information, instead of printing pages of this and that.

I don’t know about you, but one thing about the Chinese is that they’re usually brilliant in their calculations. And that 2012 thing seems ominously real.
So while we are trying to figure out the world, lets keep it green people. Lets keep it green.

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